Our mattresses don't off-gas.

The Time Is Now

The multi-billion dollar mattress industry sells mattresses laced with toxic materials. Some types of foams release potentially toxic off-gasses, while others are prone to bacteria. And ALL mattresses (not prescribed by a doctor) are infused with fire-retardant barriers as required by Federal law. Who is looking out for your patients?

In fact, the evolution of the modern mattress has moved in a direction that is both less supportive of our physical structural needs and more toward the use of synthetics materials that can expose the sleeper to potentially harmful toxicities.

Intellibed began researching sleep over a decade ago, and created a series of mattresses based on a patented gel technology that creates the perfect combination of pressure relief and support.

By working together, we can place sleep wellness right up there with diet and exercise when people consider proactive measures they can take to achieve total body wellness.

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