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Our Intellibed is Awesome! I bought our Intellibed Softer mattress about a month ago because my wife has both Lupus and Fibromyalgia, she is in constant pain. We had been sleeping on a nine year old foam mattress that was sagging in the middle. Until we tried the new one we never realized how bad the old one was. The new mattress totally supports your back. In just four weeks I’ve noticed that my posture is greatly improved and I have zero back pain. But the results for my wife are even more remarkable. She is now able to sleep on her back, before she was a side and stomach sleeper. Her pain level has dropped significantly, and although the bed is not a cure, it has reduced her hip and back pain. There were times when she could hardly walk, but I believe those! days are gone. The bed is extremely comfortable no matter what position you sleep in. It is also very warm and allows us to lower the thermostat at night I also enjoy the intelliPILLOW. It has the same characteristics as the bed and provides great neck support and comfort. . I would strongly recommend this bed to anyone, even if you don’t have any health problems.

-Rick, Utah

Intellibed has thousands of happy and satisfied customers. Hear what a few of them have to say.

The Intellibed mattress is hands down the best mattress I have ever slept on. The aches and pains have just gone away. I highly recommend it.

-George Karl, Head Coach of the Denver Nuggets

Recently I was in an automobile accident. My back is a total mess. I woke up every morning feeling crippled to get out of bed. While visiting my sister, I slept on her Intellibed mattress. That was the first morning I stepped out of bed with out hurting. I bought myself a bed 3 days later. Waking up every morning is a delight. I will never own any other bed.

-Shelly, Ogden, UT

WOW what a night! We were told that it would take time for our bodies to enjoy our new Intellibed, but you lied. We loved it right from the start. We can”t believe what a difference this bed has made to us. Thank you!

-Jerry & Geneve, Utah

Neither my boyfriend, nor myself have any type of bodily trauma injury. We were just people who could not get a good night”s sleep. We were at the point of not being able to get more than three hours of sleep at a time on our expensive pillow top mattress because our neck, back and hip pain would wake us up. We started playing the game of where are we going to sleep tonight, on the bed, on the couch, on the floor or on the mattress on the floor. We tried it all for two and a half months. No sleep and lots of pains. We were extremely irritable and grumpy from the combination of lack of sleep and body pain. It was also grueling for me to provide wellness to others, I am a Massage Therapist, while being in pain myself. This is against my principles and I could no! t work under these circumstances any longer. We decided that we were going to explore the new technologies in mattress options that are on the market today.

We began the process by only researching mattresses that are not spring mattresses. We really liked the memory foam mattresses that are on the market. I insisted that we go to stores that sell other technology as well, before spending alot of money. I wanted to know that we had explored all the options out there, not just going with the most commonly known options. In my opinion, the foam beds felt great compared to the traditional spring mattess and was sure that we were going to go in that direction. We went accross the street to try the Gel Matrix™ Mattress and then in the mall to try the adjustable air bed.

The selling point for me was being able to try all the mattress types next to one another in one store instead of going from store to store trying to remember the exact experience of each mattress and trying to determine how much of a difference, in comfort, each option was providing. At the Intellibed Store, I laid on the standard spring mattress, then the Intellibed mattress with Gel Matrix™ and then the name brand foam mattress in that order. I did not even need to try the inflatable bed, I knew which bed I was going with immediately. That was the true experience! The spring mattress sucked. The Gel Matrix™ was wonderful! The name brand foam mattress was great compared to the spring mattress, but not as superb as the Gel Matrix™ mattress. I would have only known that by trying them in that order right next to each other. I was sold! I purchased the basic Gel Matrix™ mattress that day. It was delivered the next day. I was so giddy and excited to get some sleep. It was delivered by 10 am and we took an all day nap as soon as the delivery people left. Our sales person said to give the new mattress a full 30 days before deciding if we like the new bed because the body takes time to adjust and re-align. During weeks two and three, my boyfriend hated the bed because he would wake up every night in pain and move to the couch. Week four, he was no longer in pain and was getting the best sleep he ever had. He woke up one morning, jumped out of bed with excitement and said, “this is the best bed I have ever slept on, I love this bed!” We both love this bed.

This bed is heaven! We tell everybody about the bed. We also tell them about the month long period of change that our bodies went through. I went back and purchased two of the contour low profile Gel Matrix™ and foam pillows. What an excellent combo! The pillows increased our sleep experience on our new bed to the ultimate. The ultimate sleep experience is not a luxury, but something that everyone should expect and seek for themselves! Since I tried all of the available options on the market today and did not want another spring in my bed ever again, the Gel Matrix™ Mattress is our best sleep experience! Thank you!

-Tammy, Utah

To whom it may concern: I’m writing this to let you know how I feel about my recent purchase of the Intellibed Softer mattress, physically and mentally. Just a little background; I’m a 32 year old with the body of a 80 year old. I’ve played many sports all my life and the results of that have left me with many ailing joints, most importantly, 2 herniated and 2 bulging discs in my lower back. In the last 4 years I’ve been on the quest for the perfect bed. I’ve tried various sleep numbers, Tempurpedic, and all types of mattresses. Several thousand dollars spent and I can’t say that I’ve had a good nights rest on any of them. I was very skeptical of the Intellibed, it’s a new bed to the retail market and it seems to be just another yearly expense on a gimmick bed. So I bought it.

Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Since day 1 of owning this bed, I’ve slept like I did when I was a kid. Amazing!! Not only did I start my first day on this bed with 4 bad discs, but I recently broke a rib on a vacation in Mexico….don’t ask. Even with this new rib problem, I slept through the night without waking up once….it’s a miracle. I have yet to have a bad nights sleep since this bed has been in my possession. I used to dread going to bed, now I can’t wait. My back feels better throughout the day, and it’s actually getting better for all my other daily activities. Another benefit I’m gaining is mental alertness. With all this sleep I find myself less groggy and more alert during the day. I’m in a better mood, I think more clearly, and I’m spending more valuable time with my family. I just want to say thanks for creating this bed … PS…my wife loves it too!

-Jeff & Kena, Utah

Hospital + Intellibed = FASTER Recovery Thank You for developing a quality product for professional and home use! Recently I was rushed to the hospital and underwent major abdominal surgery. When I woke up in my hospital bed, to my surprise and delight, I discovered that instead of being the standard “difficult to sleep on” hospital bed, my bed had Gel Matrix™! It was wonderful! (What would have made it perfect is the intelliPILLOW!) When it was time to leave, my doctor informed me that my recovery would take about 2 weeks and I would be very sore. I was not to do much, if any, bending or lifting. He gave me a prescription for some heavy duty pain meds and sent me on my way. What my doctor didn’t realize is that I was returning home to an Intellibed Topper and intelliPILLOW!! What luxury!! Because of the Gel Matrix™ products at the hospital and at home, I was back on my feet and completely off pain-meds, about 4 days post-op. LONG BEFORE the 2 weeks my doctor had informed me of! I am writing the hospital to thank them for investing in such a wonderful product that helps make recovery more comfortable and faster than it would be otherwise!! Thank you once again for developing such an outstanding product! It puts all other beds and pillows to shame!!

-Janae, Utah

I am Dr. James Edwards and my wife is Dr. Cindy Vaughn and we are both doctors of chiropractic who practice in Austin, Texas.

To hopefully give some credibility to this review, I want to very briefly tell you about our background and experience. We have served in the top leadership positions of the American Chiropractic Association, served on the U.S. Veterans Administration Chiropractic Advisory Committees, have 14 years of combined service on state chiropractic licensing boards, and have over 55 years of clinical experience.

During those many years of practice, the most commonly asked question we have been asked is this: “Doctor, what type of mattress do you recommend?” In the past, we usually recommended a moderately firm, non-pillow top mattress, and a 60-day in-home trial period. From there, our patient headed off to shop totally unprepared for the mattress store “wolves” who lied in wait.

Ultimately, we decided it was time to research and test the many types of mattresses so that we could provide our patients with solid information upon which they could rely. After researching and booking hotel rooms where we slept on every mattress known to man (innerspring, foam, air, water and gel), we discovered what we believe is the best bed ever. In fact, it is the mattress we ultimately purchased and sleep on ourselves.

And what mattress is that? The Gel Matrix™ “Spinal Alignment” sleep system by Advanced Comfort Technologies, Inc. (ACTI). In fact, the following companies have thoroughly researched this technology and now use this pressure relieving gel in their products:

– Dr. Scholl’s uses Gel Matrix™ in their “Massaging Gel” line of shoe inserts
– Jansport uses Gel Matrix™ in their “Air Lift” line of back packs
– Implus uses Gel Matrix™ in their “AirPlus” line of after-market shoe inserts
– Gaymar uses Gel Matrix™ in their line of hospital beds for burn patients to avoid risk of pressure sores

Need I say more? Mattresses made with Gel Matrix™ eliminate pressure points and allows the person to sleep soundly…often without changing position until awaking in the morning!

So why are some reviewers on this website critical of what we are convinced is the best bed ever? Here are three possible reasons.

First, a company called MyComfort started manufacturing a “knock-off” gel mattress a few years ago and falsely claimed it was an Intellibed mattress made with Gel Matrix™. As a result, many consumers purchased this “knock-off” product and were extremely disappointed. We suspect that many of the negative reviews on this website were written by unsuspecting purchasers of that mattress. But it is was NOT the Gel Matrix™ bed that we sleep on. Instead, it was a “knock-off” mattress that was not a true Intellibed mattress.

Second, it is strongly suspected that MyComfort (the “knock-off” company) actually posted some of the negative reviews on this website. That would not be at all surprising since the court found that MyComfort….

– tortuously interfered with ACTI’s economic well being
– engaged in false advertising
– engaged in unlawful business practices

Should you want absolute documentation about the lawsuit findings, you can access the ACTI press release regarding the December 2008 permanent injunction against the “knock-off” manufacturer on our website here.

Or you can read the July 9, 2009 final judgment which awarded the Intellibed manufacturer over $6 million!

And third, none of the reviews discuss the “Spinal Alignment” medical grade model that has 2.5 inches of Gel Matrix™ — compared to a maximum of 1.75 inches for store models — or the “Fibromyalgia” medical grade model that has a full 5 inches of Gel Matrix™.

Having cleared up why most reviewers love the mattress and why some state they are unhappy with it, I want to tell you about my very own, personal experience sleeping on the Gel Matrix™ “Spinal Alignment” sleep system. After two lumbar disc surgeries and needing a C-PAP for sleep apnea, I am a “tough sell” when it comes to sleep products. But I must confess that I have never, ever slept better.

I am literally amazed that when I fall asleep in a particular position (back or side), I awaken several hours later in the very same, exact position. No tossing, no turning, no nothing except restful sleep. That to me is astounding and it occurs night after night after night. More importantly, I feel completely rested and have no pain or stiffness when I awake in the morning.

The mattress and foundation looks just like any other sleep set. You can see photos of the store models at There are no impression issues like foam mattresses, since the gel goes right back to its regular shape. Plus, it comes with as much as 20-year limited warranty and a 60-day in-home trial period.

We were so impressed with the state-of-the-art mattress that we decided to place one on display in our office so our patients could evaluate it in the privacy of a doctor’s office…and without any pressure from a salesperson. That’s how much we believe in the Gel Matrix™ “Spinal Alignment” sleep system and why we recommend it to our patients without reservation!

Should you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to contact me.

James Edwards, D.C.
Austin, Texas
(512) 445-3366

I had the most severer back pain for years. I had to pull my self off the toilet in the morning with a cane or walker. I had back treatment for years with no help. Also I have a bad rotator cuff, so bad that i could not lift my right arm above my shoulder. I bought my Intellibed last May. From that point on, I have not had one back pain and I can raise my arm straight above my head and rotate it all around. Some times I find my self with my arm resting on the back of my seat while I’m driving. The Intellibed is the best thing I have ever slept on. My mother is 83 years young and she just bought an Intellibed at my request. Don’t know what more to say. I love my bed.

-Ron, Arizona

I’m probably one of the few people who couldn’t adjust to the different way an Intellibed felt or maybe I just bought the wrong model. But I wanted to write to thank you for the easy, no-hassle way I was treated when I wanted to return the bed. I kept the original packing materials, used the protective cover and when I called I was issued a return number and helped to arrange shipping back. My credit card was refunded promptly after my bed was received and inspected by Tom and he was a pleasure to work with. Thank you Intellibed for making the return as good of an experience as it could be.

-Kelly, Virginia

From the very beginning the Intellibed experience was great. Our salesman, Jim, spent a lot of time with us on our visit to the store. He put us through the sleep lab and explained each option very thoroughly. We did not leave the store without ordering a bed. Vicki and I are very active people. I have been officiating NCAA Ice Hockey for twenty one years and have played longer than that. Vicki actively works out and plays volleyball. We were both waking up on our seven year old pillow top mattress with back issues. Since delivery of the Intellibed mattress neither one of us has had a problem. We are so happy with our purchase. Thank you Jim for everything! Tim and Vicki Swiader Lone Tree, Colorado

-Tim, Colorado

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