Spinal decompression can change your life.

Sleep Decompression Sleep System from Intellibed

Working with Doctors, we have constructed a mattress and adjustable base system designed specifically to provide a unique spinal decompression experience at home both before and during sleep – all while still providing the benefits of a traditional hospital or adjustable bed.

Three reasons our spinal decompression sleep system is better than others on the market are:

Why is spinal decompression important? This spinal decompression system helps pain.Our Gel Matrix™ provides the optimal amount of firm support AND comfort at the same time.

Spinal decompression can be helped with a Gel Matrix™ cushioning layer.The Gel Matrix™ cushioning layer has the unique ability to keep your upper torso in place while the adjustable base elongates your spine. This slight decompression therapy can make a drastic difference in your quality of sleep and your ability to attain level III and IV sleep.

We carry the only medical grade mattress on the market.Our mattress is the only medical grade mattress on the consumer market. it is made out of the same materials used in hospital burn centers

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What is Spinal Decompression, And How Can It Benefit Me?

Spinal decompression is a method medical professionals use to help reduce back pain and treat chronic conditions such as:

Intellibed sleep decompression system.

This is what a herniated disc looks like.

Most body tissue receives nutrients from the body’s blood supply. The discs of the back, however are avascular, meaning that they don’t have any blood supply to them. The discs receive nutrients and fluids from the surrounding tissue. Spinal Decompression is a technique that gently stretches the spinal column, elongating the discs which creates a negative pressure inside the discs and allows the discs to better draw needed moisture and nutrients inside.Restful, deep sleep is critical for the disc impaired sleeper as it is during stages III and IV sleep that the brain repairs the body and assists in healing the wear and tear experienced during the day.

Sleep comfortably on an Intellibed mattress.

Proper alignment support is also critical for the overall health of the spine during sleep. We all know that we should stand up and sit up straight. This provides optimal support for the spine because when it isperpendicular to the hips and shoulders it reduces the gravitational pull on the spinal column. But what happens when we sleep and gravity exerts the greatest pull under our lower torso area because that is where we carry the most weight? Too much pressure is placed on the lower vertebrae area, we hammock and the muscles holding our spine strain to support the sagging area.

To offset this pressure on our lower spine, it is very important to find a sleep surface that pushes our hips and shoulders up and into proper alignment. When this fails, the pain level for the disc impaired sleeper makes deep, restful sleep very elusive. The Spinal Decompression sleep system by Intellibed is designed to provide spinal decompression, and then maintain the proper alignment so your body can continue to heal itself while you sleep!


How the Intellibed Spinal Decompression System Works

Intellibed has spinal decompression mattresses.

As you raise the spinal decompression mattress to the upright position, this puts pressure on your discs, anchors your body in place and pushes existing fluid and used up nutrients out of your discs.

This is a spinal decompression mattress system.

As you flatten out the bed, this gently elongates or “decompresses” the spine. This creates a negative pressure that will pull new fluid and nutrients into the affected area.

Spinal decompression helps your body work properly.

As the disc is stretched out, the nutrients surrounding the disc are pulled inside replenishing the fluid and providing the moisture it needs to work properly and regenerate itself. with the decompression bed you can stay in this “sleep position” rejuvenating your back all night long.!


What Makes The Intellibed Decompression Sleep System Unique

The materials used in the construction of our sleep system are what distinguish our bed from others on he market. No other bed has all the following advantages:

Intellibed can help your spinal decompression.

Made with a Hospital Grade Mattress

The intelliGEL mattress is made from the same material that hospitals use to treat burn victims.

Spinal decompression can help your back pain.

Durable Mattress and Advanced Tempered Steel Spring System

The Decompression System has been wear tested and exceeds industry standards. Industry testing shows this bed will wear for 20 years without showing hardly any wear (only a 3-4% softening during that period). The warranty is 20 years with the first 10 years full coverage and the second 10 years prorated.

Let our adjustable base help your back pain.

High Quality Adjustable Base

The adjustable base is warranted by Leggett & Platt and has a limited lifetime warranty and national inhome support.

Fight your back pain with spinal decompression.

Patented Column Buckling Gel Technology
Our patented intelliGEL material last longer than other beds, is nontoxic, and offers the best of both worlds in terms of support and comfort.


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Our spinal decompression sleep system helps pain.


No other mattress has the column buckling gel of Intellibed. This cushioning layer has the ability to “sense” a pressure point and relax under it, allowing the protruding body part to sink in and redistribute the pressure.

For example, while sleeping on your side, your hips tend to sag into the mattress. This causes your lower back to be poorlysupported, which can cause back pain and restless nights.

The intelliGEL allows your hips to sink into the mattress, yet still have your lower back and hips supported. The gel has the unique ability to ‘push back’ instead of simply sagging.

How spinal decompression works.Spinal decompression offers comfort.


You want a bed that cushions pressure points as you sleep. No other bed does this as well as the Intellibed, as you can see in these pressure map comparison charts. The red is showing where increased pressure can potentially cause sleep problems. The goal is to have no red or yellow parts.

This is especially important for people who suffer from Fibromyalgia, hip or shoulder pain, or arthritis, or those who want a comfortable night sleep without tossing and turning.


This sleep evaluation may change your life.

We have developed all our sleep surfaces using safe, nontoxic, nonoff gassing materials.
To learn more about why a nontoxic mattress is important, click here


Our spinal decompression sleep system is unique.

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