Mattress Reviews and Ratings

Mattresses and mattress brands are reviewed and rated on four criteria in our sleep lab. First, it is important to know that Sleep Like The Dead does a comprehensive survey for user satisfaction of all the major brands and types of mattresses. Their data is definitely worth checking out in order to see what current users think of various mattresses. In our search to define the ideal mattress we found it interesting that the level of owner satisfaction with the current types of mattresses was 81% at the high and 61% at the low.

For a product as important to a person as a mattress it is unusual to find such low levels of satisfaction. Can you think of another comfort and health type of product, like shoes, that people using would only rate at a 6-8 level on a 10 point scale? The work we did in our sleep lab helped us to understand why. When you consider the types of materials that all the other mattress manufactures use to make their product its clear why they have trouble delivering a higher level of satisfaction.

Our first rating, the comfort rating, is a measure of the pressure relief provided by the mattress. Basically, this is how soft the mattress feels. On our scale of 1-10, a mattress with a comfort rating of 1 would be the firmest mattress available and a comfort rating of 10 would be the softest mattress available. For comparison, a 1 would be like sleeping on a carpeted floor. A 10 would be like sleeping in a water bed.

The support rating is a measure of how well the mattress keeps your back in proper alignment. With most mattresses, you will find that support typically comes at the price of comfort. The softer a mattress feels, the less support it usually offers. The firmer a mattress feels, the more support it usually offers. This is also a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the least supportive, like a water bed, and 10 being the most supportive, like a carpeted floor. Intellibed is the only mattress on the market that is both comfortable and supportive. An Intellibed mattress can feel both soft and provide the back support you need.

The material safety rating is all about the types of materials each mattress incorporates. For example, some types of foams release toxic off-gasses. Some mattress materials are prone to bacteria and dust mites. All mattresses are required to have a chemical which acts as a fire retardant. Now no mattress is going to be so unsafe that sleeping on those materials will kill you. However, some materials can have negative effects on your health and some can cause skin irritation and headaches, something that will definitely affect sleep. So a 1 rating would be a mattress with materials that release toxic off-gasses and are generally not good to sleep on. A 10 would be 100% organic materials with absolutely no chemicals at all.

The last rating in our mattress reviews is a review of the mattress durability. This is a measure of how well the mattress performs over time. Most mattresses feel great the day you get them. But over time, most mattresses tend to lose their shape. Foam compacts, springs weaken and body impressions start to form. The Rollator Test is used to determine what percentage of the original shape of a mattress stands the test of time. This test simulates sleeping conditions to see how well a mattress will keep its shape with use over time. Our mattress reviews show the percentage lost during this test.

Mattress Rating Chart


Mattress TypeComfortSupportMaterial SafetyDurability
Memory Foam7433
Air Bed7423
Latex Foam7332
Pillow Tops5321


This table shows how different mattresses compare to Intellibed…or better yet, don’t compare. The competition just doesn’t stack up to the Intellibed. Research shows that Intellibed provides the best back support, superior comfort, is made from safe materials and lasts much longer than other mattresses.

Learn more about how other mattresses compare to the Intellibed

Watch the video below to see how doctors compare Intellibed to other brands. You can also see other videos on our YouTube channel, like Intellibed vs. Pillow Top, Intellibed vs. Tempurpedic or Intellibed vs. Sleep Number.


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