Mattress Protection

If you are concerned with how long your mattress will last, then the best thing you can do is properly protect it. What are you protecting it from? Your mattress is subject to all kinds of things, and the right kind of mattress protector is essential to ensuring its long life.

The average mattress with no protection will double in weight in five years. This is because microscopic skin cells flake off our bodies while we sleep. With no mattress protection, or the wrong type of protector, they quickly fill the mattress.

Dust mites and bed bugs feed on these skin cells and the humidity in the air. These nasty critters are not good to carry around in your mattress. They have been known to be disruptive to sleep when found in a mattress.

Not only should the materials of your mattress be durable, but you should actively protect your mattress from external contaminants. This is especially important if you sleep with a pet who can bring allergens in to your bed. But all mattress protectors are not the same.

Make sure you use one like our Protect ‘Ur Gel advanced wicking protector that is guaranteed to keep all moisture and contaminates out of your mattress. This is also important from a warranty perspective since all mattress warranties automatically lose coverage if there is any sign of staining or moisture.

Please watch the video below for more information on the important of mattress protection.

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