Durability of Mattress Components

Learn how durable mattresses are.What is The DURABILITY Index? This index rates the lifetime performance of materials used in mattresses. Unfortunately, you the consumer, have not been able to consider the durability of different materials when making the purchase decision between mattresses because manufacturers don’t release this information to the public. So, you have been forced to make your buying decision based almost solely on what feels best to you at the time.

What often happens is you buy a bed that may be less expensive because it feels as good as the more expensive one, only to find that you can’t sleep on the bed after a year or two. Our goal is to help you make a complete decision so that this does not happen to you.

We know that a mattress is only as good as the materials it is made with. So in our quest to develop the ideal mattress we wanted to make sure that we used materials that would perform well when new and continue to perform at that same level throughout the entire warranty period… in our case 30 years.

There is a standard industry test for the materials used in a mattress. It is called the rollator test and consists of a 6-sided roller weighing 230 pounds that rolled back and forth over a mattress 200,000 times. This test simulates the amount of wear that will occur as the mattress is slept on.

Traditional polyurathane foam used in most mattresses, as the main cushioning component, suffered an astounding 49% rate of change during the test; Popular memory foam showed a 17% change; Latex showed 23% wear while our incredible Gel Matrix™ (registered trademark) showed only a 4.5% change during the entire test making it by far the most durable material used for cushioning in a mattress and the perfect material to help us meet the endurance goals we established for our Intellibed® mattresses. Note that all material was tested independently where as Gel Matrix™ was tested in a complete mattress.

Interestingly, about half of the total wear for foams occurred during the first 10% of the test, meaning that beds that use foam as their primary cushioning material quickly lose their ability to support and cushion you.

The industry recommends that you change your mattress after 8 years of use recognizing the wear factor of the materials used. We have built our Intellibed mattresses to wear properly and meet our goal of changing less than 5% during the entire warranty period.

*Testing results for Gel Matrix™ are done in the mattress as a whole, while other material was tested independently.

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