Spinal Alignment and Sleep Posture

We’re told to stand up straight and sit up straight. That’s because when we do it places our hips and shoulders in proper alignment and reduces the stresses on our lower back. But what happens when we lie down to sleep? Most of our weight in concentrated in our lower torso. So when we lie down gravity tries to pull this part of our body deeper into the mattress.

That’s why the innerspring was such an important sleep invention. It provided a way to push the hips and shoulders into proper alignment. 80% of mattresses sold today still use springs to do this. If it wasn’t important we could sleep safely on water beds but most waterbed users developed a bad back after a few years because of not being properly supported. We all know the experience of sleeping in a hammock or a mattress that is too soft and waking up the next morning barely able to walk.

Your sleep posture affects back pain.

That’s why sleep posture is so important part. The ideal sleep surface gently pushes your hips into alignment with the rest of your body instead of conforming to the hammock shape that gravity wants to pull the body into.

To achieve proper sleep posture, the mattress must push up the hip into alignment with the rest of the body, but the hips are sensitive to pressure. It causes us to toss and turn. How do we push on the hips but then relieve the pressure point caused by pushing on it. Gel Matrix™, when combined with a high quality innerspring system is the only cushioning material that operates like a spring, but also senses out a pressure area (hip or shoulder) and relaxes under it while the other Gel Matrix™ cells remain firm and actually hold your body in the proper sleep posture.

We relieve pressure and support.

Many of our customers over the years have had such a bad back that they slept in a reclining chair rather than in a bed but have successfully converted to an Intellibed with it’s unique combination of soft pressure relief and firm alignment support.

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