“I never thought I would be passionate about recommending a mattress. But, after experiencing a health crisis after a buying a toxic mattress, I want to spread the message about the chemicals used in mattresses.

At Empowered Sustenance, I share resources that empower our body and soul from a holistic approach. Intellibed does exactly that. By providing body-aligning, non-toxic sleep, Intellibed creates a deeply restorative sleep experience.”

What makes Intellibed unique?

Gel Matrix™ – The main feature of Intellibed is the pressure-relieving Gel Matrix™. Because this patented gel re-distributes pressure so well, it’s used in hospitals for bed-ridden patients to prevent bedsores. Since Gel Matrix™ is made with mineral oil, it is not considered an organic material. But it is completely non-toxic and has been widely tested for safety and is approved for use in baby-bottle nipples. This gel doesn’t off-gass, like memory foam, and won’t foster microbial growth, like mattresses made with only natural materials.

Not only is Gel Matrix™ non-toxic, it supports the shoulders and hips so the spine rests in a neutral position. This allows deeper sleep, with less tossing and turning.

Safe fire retardants – Intellibed is dedicated to using the safest fire retardant available. They use an inert, silica-coated, mineral-based fire retardant. It is not bio-available through any contact and can’t be broken down through heat, pressure, or liquid.  It is only activated when the mattress is in flame.

Steel springs and organic cotton – The springs are important to help provide the support of the mattress.

Non-offgassing polyurethane foam – PU foam is a safe and inert substance for mattresses, as long as it is not treated with chemicals to make it fireproof or to turn it into memory foam. The foam used in Intellibed meet a strict standard called CertiPUR-US. These foams are free of toxins like phthalates, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. They are also low VOC, at .5 parts per million (.1 ppm is considered safe).

Testimonials from my readers

Intellibed changed my life, and also the lives of many people in the Empowered Sustenance community. Here are some of the testimonials my readers have shared with me:

I also bought one a couple of months ago. Wow. In a word. Not returning it after the 30 day guarantee, I can tell you. Thanks for all your powerful information!
– Aileen

We bought one a couple months ago, and it’s the most amazing bed ever. Such a great investment!!
– Annie

I have been looking all over for this bed! I laid on one in Salt Lake at a mattress store. Thank you so much for posting this! Best bed ever!
– Colleen

Change your life with Intellibed

Are you ready to experience non-toxic, restorative sleep? The expert sleep team at Intellibed is waiting to help you. Call them, tell them Lauren sent you, and they will give you a free sleep evaluation.

Not only is the Intellibed mattress amazing, the customer service blows me away.

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