Our mattresses provide asthma and allergy relief.The average person spends roughly 229, 961 hours sleeping, totaling to about one-third of their life. With all this time spent in bed, shouldn’t you enjoy it? Intellibed offers luxury mattresses specially designed to make sleep the best part of your day. Plush on the outside and sturdy on the inside, Intellibed was created with luxury and support in mind.

Your body needs a combination of comfort and support to get a truly good night’s sleep. For most people, the lower back is the heaviest part of their body, so a quality mattress must support hips to avoid lower back pain. Traditional mattresses cradle your body but wear down fast. If your mattress is too soft, your back doesn’t get enough support. However, without enough give, your pressure points will suffer. After years of sleeping on the wrong mattress, your back, hips, and shoulders will suffer the most. A truly luxurious mattress offers comfort for pressure points and support for the skeletal system. In the end, a good night’s sleep isn’t good if you wake up with back pain.

Comfort & Support

The research and development behind Intellibed have found that simple layers of foam aren’t enough to provide support and comfort. When weight is applied to foam alone, it compresses into a flat surface, making back pain worse. Instead, Intellibed has added layers of copolymer gel that holds its shape while staying plush and comfortable. Each model contains our signature Gel Matrix™ to maintain that crucial balance between comfort and support.

Safety & Durability

Toxicity in mattresses has become a growing health concern for several reasons – mattress manufacturers aren’t required to disclose the compounds used in creating their product. These chemicals can often include fire retardants and polyurethane that may be harmful to some consumers. Intellibed engineers evaluate every material used in our luxury mattresses and use only the safest components without compromising quality. These non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials are also among the most durable on the luxury mattress market. The tempered steel springs and signature Gel Matrix™ last far longer than foam that breaks down over 40% within the first two years. Every luxury Intellibed mattress is designed to last a lifetime.

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Whether you just want to upgrade your sleep system or you’re seeking relief from arthritis or fibromyalgia, Intellibed luxury mattresses provide long lasting support and comfort to sleepers with a variety of needs.