To Get a Perfect Night’s Sleep Your Body Needs:

1. A very firm surface for back support, alignment, and back health which reduces pain.

2. A very soft surface for your pressure points so you don’t toss and turn and disrupt your sleep cycles.

Other beds on the market force you to make a trade-off—either firm OR soft—but you could never have the benefits of both. Intellibed is the “Bed of the Future” made with Gel Matrix™ technology, the most revolutionary sleep surface material since the invention of memory foam in the 90’s. It is the first and only bed that is BOTH very firm AND very soft at the same time. For the first time, Numea provides the back-supporting benefits of a firm mattress AND the deep, restorative, comfortable sleep of a soft one. Now you can put compromise to rest, with all the benefits of a firm back-supporting mattress, along with the comfort of a soft, cushiony, pressure-relieving bed.



Intellibed’s gel mattresses reduces pain and tossing and turning as it lifts the weight off pressure points in your shoulders and hips and redistributes it evenly across the body. Studies have shown that Gel Matrix™ is 3x firmer than standard memory foam and puts 80% less pressure on the body than all other standard surfaces.

Intellibed is Recommended by over 1000 Chiropractors.

Intellibed is Also . . .

Totally Safe

  • No off-gas, no smell
  • Made from food grade mineral oil
  • 100% non-toxic

Extremely Durable

  • No Sagging!
  • Only 4% breakdown over 20 years
  • 20-year non-prorated warranty

Naturally Cool

  • Massively breathable
  • Natural heat-sink
  • Perfect sleep temp

Try Intellibed with a 60-day in-home trial?

Experience the support and pain relief first hand. Order today and get a 60-day in-home Sleep Consultants will help you find the best mattress for your needs including, back pain, shoulder pain, fibromyalgia, allergies and more. (*You must purchase and use mattress protector to be eligible for the 60-day trial)