Many people may want all the benefits that come with sleeping each night on an Intellibed, but due to financial constraints and family obligations, they just cannot justify the expense when the want it. But we can make it easier for you with fixed payments. You can call now to apply for credit at 888-435-2339! You can realize your dream of owning an Intellibed today with our convenient financing options.

We provide you with an easy online application to make financing your new mattress free of hassle and easy as can be. Credit is offered with the option of 3, 6, 9, and 12+ month payment schedules set up to fit you and your family’s budget. Minimum monthly payments are required, and any credit extended is subject to approval.

What are the Benefits of Financing a Mattress

The benefits of financing a new Intellibed mattress are many. First, you get all the amazing health and sleep benefits of an Intellibed mattress without the outlay of cost right up front. You get to break the entire cost of the Intellibed mattress into smaller payments, so you are not strapped for cash and with many financing options, you can tailor a payment schedule that works for you while still paying your rent or mortgage, groceries, and all those other monthly expenses. With the total cost of an Intellibed spread out over 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, you will be able to defray costs and still make ends meet at home while enjoying the comfort and health benefits of your new Intellibed mattress.

Contact us today to stop tossing and turning all night and finally get the rest you and your body so desperately need!