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Getting Enough Sleep is Essential to Coping with Fibromyalgia

Because of the specific type of joint pain that fibromyalgia causes, it’s important for you to choose a mattress designed to relieve the pressure on muscles and joints in order to ease that pain. When a mattress is too soft or doesn’t support the body in all the right places, the body sinks down into the mattress and stresses the joints, amplifying the pain. Intellibed mattresses are designed specifically for comfort and support to ease pressure on your joints and relieve pain.

The Solution is Gel Matrix™

Our Gel Matrix™ mattresses are uniquely designed to help sufferers of Fibromyalgia better than any other bed. The key is the Gel Matrix™. You can see in this image how the Gel Matrix™ reduces pressure better than any of the other leading national mattress brands:

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The Intellibed Difference:

Our bed is uniquely engineered to provide you the support you need better than any other mattress on the market today. Because our mattress is made with patented Gel Matrix™ formed in a unique, honeycombed shape our beds have the ability to not only sense your pressure points and redistribute that pressure for comfort purposes, but the gel has the ability to ‘push back’ and support your entire body properly at the same time. Explore the four features that set Intellibed apart from other luxury mattresses: