Bamboo sheets are soft and breathable.


Intellibed’s Bamboo Rich Sheets provide a unique combination of comfort and temperature control. Made out of 30% cotton and 70% viscose from bamboo, our sheets blend the strength of cotton with the innovation of bamboo.

With Bamboo Rich Sheets, you get the comfort of moisture-wicking fabric mixed with natural anti-microbial attributes for superior rest. Natural bamboo bedding has become progressively popular in recent years, somewhat because of its ecological buildup, and also because it is extremely pleasant to sleep on.

Advantages of Bamboo Rich Bed Sheets

Comfort: If you’re hunting for new bedding, your first concern is sleeping comfort. Natural bamboo bedding is noticeably softer than other types of sheets. It is even softer than cotton and temperature natural. Intellibed bamboo rich sheets don’t lock in excess heat under the covers with you, so you’ll stay cool and contented no matter what temperature it is outside.

Well-Being: Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Bamboo bed sheets will also decrease allergies because they decrease the proliferation of dampness in your bed. This discourages dust mites, a main cause of allergies, from growing in your sheets.

Resilience: Bamboo Rich Sheets are created when the finest bamboo is extended across the whole extent of the sheet. Because these long fibers are extended, rather than short fibers being knitted together, the sheets are less likely to tear and pill than other materials. Our bamboo rich sheets are moisture-wicking, which means they won’t soak up oils from your skin and begin to look yellow or gray over the years.

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