Our non-toxic mattresses prevent sleeping danger.

Medical Studies indicate potential problems with synthetic foams & off-gassing

Every parent in America, especially pregnant moms, owes it to themselves to read the following report by Dr. T. James Sprott, which was published in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine in September of 2004.

The report, based on studies in New Zealand and the U.K., begins with the following:

There is a general perception that the cause of cot death remains unknown. This is not so. The cause of cot death (often erroneously termed Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS) has been elucidated as being due to extremely toxic ‘nerve’ gases generated by fungal activity on chemicals frequently present in cot mattresses and in certain other bedding commonly used in baby bedding. Learn more about Intellibed.

Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (September 2004) 14(3), 221–232

Despite the overwhelming evidence detailed in this report, controversy continues to surround the cause of SIDS (as it is called in the United States).

Our position at Intellibed is simple: Why take any chances? That’s why we developed a crib mattress using our hospital proven safe Gel Matrix™ and organic cotton.

In reviewing the materials from which other crib mattresses are made, we found numerous problems with the foams (off-gassing), natural latex and wool (possible allergic reaction) – not to mention the fire blocker – which is required by law, but most retail mattress companies don’t want to disclose the materials used in their production. So, we developed a completely foam-free mattress for the growing child.

Fortunately, hospital-tested Gel Matrix™ is an ideal, safe material to replace the foams and other cushioning materials used in retail crib mattresses. By complementing Gel Matrix™ with other natural, safe materials, we’ve created a non-toxic sleeping environment and the most comfortable, supportive, allergy-free sleep surface for your growing baby and children.

And in the interest of further protecting your baby, we have to take into consideration where mom sleeps, too. Toxic off-gasses from adult retail mattresses can seep into the bloodstream through the skin, potentially affecting the baby in-vitro and tainting breast milk. And, for those parents that bring their little one to sleep on their mattress, the report referenced below has to be taken into consideration.

Click here to see a compilation of medical studies affecting moms and babies and the linkage to asthma, cancer, ADD, ADHD and autism.

Now is not the time to take chances.

We’re not saying your mattress is going to kill you tonight. But the startling amount of research showing the potentially harmful effect of synthetic foams and off-gassing to our health led us to develop our Intellibed sleep surfaces using safer, non-off gassing materials. This is why we’ve created a special product line of foam free sleep surfaces using our hospital-proven Gel Matrix™, a natural silica fire blocker and organic cotton cover to create the perfect mattress for your baby and child as they grow.

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