A mattress is only as good as the materials used to make it. Unfortunately, natural and organic materials are not the best choice when it comes to cushioning and mattress durability. If they were we would all still be sleeping on feathers, straw, and cotton. At Intellibed we work diligently to find materials that cushion properly and last while at the same time are safe to sleep on. We test the materials commonly used in retail mattresses, like memory foam and chemical fire blockers, but do not use them because they off-gas potentially harmful fumes and they do not wear properly. Whenever possible we use materials that are natural and organic like cotton and silica for flame retardancy. We strive at all times to find the best combination of safe and effective materials to use in our medical-grade sleep wellness quality Intellibed mattresses and are proud to share them with you:

  • In our baby and child’s beds, we are able to make a mattress that is entirely foam free using our hospital tested, 100% non-toxic Gel Matrix™, a silica fire-blocker, steel springs and an organic cotton cover.
  • In our adult models which require larger sizes and more cushioning for optimal performance, we again use Gel Matrix™ in the prime sleep area for cushioning; a steel spring set for support; and a cushioning layer of either polyurethane or latex foam underneath the Gel Matrix™ for additional cushioning. We also encase the spring set in highest quality polyurethane foam so the bed keeps its shape and will last 30 years.

A word about the foam we do use at Intellibed:

  • We use top quality polyurethane foam with a CertiPUR certification which ensures that the materials are the safest and cleanest polyurethane foams on the market. They do not contain formaldehyde, fire retardants or other known toxins.
  • We use Talalay Latex in some of our beds for its exceptional softness. It is processed in a safe manner to remove the proteins which some people are allergic to and to provide a consistent quality of cushioning throughout the bed. Latex is very expensive so we only use it in models of our product that need the extra softness and feel that it delivers.

So, when you compare an Intellibed to any other mattress that you can buy for home use remember that:

  • we limit the use of any foam to a small portion of the mattress (about 10% maximum) and into areas outside the primary sleep surface.
  • we only use top quality fire retardant and toxin free when we do use foams.
  • to meet Federal requirements for fire safety we use a silica (glass) thread woven with polyester to create either a sock or a layer we quilt into the top panel of our bed.

And although our Gel Matrix™ is neither natural or organic it is, however, the safest material we have ever seen used in a mattress. Unlike the natural, organic materials sometimes used in mattresses (like straw, wool, horse hair, feathers) Gel Matrix™ is 100% non-toxic, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial meaning that bacteria doesn’t grow on it. It is also up to 80% more pressure relieving and the most durable part of our bed. Gel Matrix™’s main ingredient is unscented baby oil and it’s approved for use in children’s toys and pacifiers.

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