Sleep is one of the most important yet least understood components of overall health and wellbeing. A night of tossing and turning is not only going to make you wake up groggy, it’s also going to begin to affect your mental alertness, feelings of fatigue and stress, and can begin to seep in to other areas of one’s health, as sleep is the restorative function of our brains and bodies. Poor sleep caused by tossing and turning causes major problems in both the short term and the long term of our lives.

Why is Intellibed different

Intellibed was developed by an engineer – Bob Rasmussen – who wanted to fix a broken mattress industry. He began his career by designing wheelchair cushions which led him in to the field of high tech cushioning. He consulted with leading doctors, therapists, and experts all over the United States to try to understand the ideal way to cushion and support the human body. Throughout his search for knowledge about the ideal cushioning and comforting of the human body, combined with his business and engineering background, he created Intellibed in 2000 to bring his know-how and expertise to the consumer market.

How is an Intellibed different from a traditional mattress?

In order to understand why you are tossing and turning at night, it is critical to understand the mechanics of what your body needs while it is lying down. The two main issues at play here are support and comfort. While we all understand the importance of good posture while standing upright, fewer of us realize the importance of spinal alignment while sleeping. As far as comfort goes, during the night the hips and shoulders press into a traditional mattress, and that pressure cuts off blood flow that will cause us to toss and turn during the deepest stages of sleep. Tossing and turning during sleep deprives us of the restorative and healing aspects of sleep.

So what does Intellibed offer over a traditional mattress?

In short, an Intellibed mattress offers its users support, durability, safety, comfort, and ideal temperature. An Intellibed offers superb spinal alignment to reduce back pain and meanwhile offers better pressure relief over a traditional mattress that minimizes tossing and turning throughout the night that disrupts the most vital parts of your sleep cycle.

Intellibed also offers safety because all our mattresses are 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic due to our Gel Matrix™. No need to worry about toxic petrol based mattresses any longer. Intellibed’s are durable, offering lifelong comfort and support. Finally, out special non-toxic Gel Matrix™ will maintain the perfect sleeping temperature overnight, ensuring that you are never too hot or too cold.

You need an Intellibed to get good restorative sleep!

Intellibed solves all these sleep problems associated with traditional mattresses. With Intellibed, you won’t have to buy a new mattress every five years because all the problems of traditional mattresses are solved by the Intellibed. Contact us today to stop tossing and turning all night and finally get the rest you and your body so desperately needs!