Help Stephanie and Intellibed Contribute to Your Sleep Health

Stephanie is interested in getting you the facts regarding safe, deep healing, healthy sleep. And here at Intellibed we are interested in helping you with your personal sleep health. What’s keeping you up at night? Please share any thoughts you may have about sleep and we’ll pass them along to Stephanie as well as our sleep experts at Intellibed. If your issues appear to be related to sleep surface problems keep an eye out for an email from us.

How does Intellibed Provide Healthy Sleep?

•Intellibed Provides Superior Alignment & Back Support. Most mattresses are made primarily with foam, which will sag up to 25% after two years, offering poor alignment support and sleeping posture. Intellibed’s Intel-Gel column buckling technology has ZERO sag, maintaining optimal alignment and spine support while you’re sleeping.

•Intellibed Reduces Tossing & Turning by reducing pressure points up to 80% compared with typical foam mattresses, which can contour to your body but once compressed create painful pressure points during sleep and cause you to move up to 20 times per night, disrupting your sleep cycle and keeping you from reaching the deepest, healing levels of sleep.

•Intellibed Provides a Safer Night’s Sleep. We use only materials that DON’T off-gas (a toxic process where chemicals inside and outside the mattress emit fumes that you breathe in and absorb through your skin), which is a widespread problem because most foam mattresses contain toxic chemicals from foam fillers, adhesives, flame retardants and waterproofing. Intellibed’s Intel-Gel is made with food-grade mineral oil and no toxic compounds.


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