Intellibed Materials vs. the Competition

Intellibed compared to memory foam mattresses, such as Tempurpedic

All TempurPedic mattresses are foam-core mattresses. Their patented “Tempur” material is found in about the top 1/3 of the mattress. The remainder of the mattress is standard polyurethane foam.

In our opinion, TempurPedic foam-core mattresses (or any other foam-core mattress) are not the best option for those suffering from back pain. Why? Because foam softens too much with use, and as it softens, it gradually loses its ability to keep the hips from sagging into the mattress, resulting in diminished support. Granted, it may feel great when you first get it, but as it softens with use, many complain that they feel the support diminishing.

Quoting from TempurPedic’s own warranty, it says:

This warranty does not cover a normal increase in softness of the TEMPUR® pressure-relieving material which does not affect the pressure-relieving qualities of the mattress.

While it may be true that the pressure relieving qualities won’t be affected, the support characteristics will certainly change.

You might wonder how Gel Matrix™ Advanced Cushioning material compares to Tempur foam for relieving pressure. In the ten plus years Intellibed has been building mattresses, we have rarely seen a TempurPedic mattress provide better pressure relief than an Intellibed. In side-by-side comparison, using sophisticated pressure mapping computers, the Intellibed often reduces pressure points by more than 50% compared to Tempur or memory foam. For these reasons, we don’t believe TempurPedic to be the best choice for back pain.

Intellibed compared to air mattresses, like Sleep Number (Select Comfort)

If you are seriously considering a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed for your back pain, try this simple experiment first. Go into a Sleep Number store and pump the bed up to its firmest setting. Notice that it is very firm and supportive. Now, begin reducing the sleep number. Be patient, it takes time for the air to evacuate. As the sleep number lowers, concentrate on how your body is sinking into the mattress. You will notice that it is your lower torso that is sinking furthest into the mattress.

We have already learned that the most important thing your mattress must do is prevent the lower torso from sinking into the mattress. For this reason, the Sleep Number is not the best option for back pain, unless you keep it set on a very high sleep number, and if that is the case, why not get a firm innerspring bed that doesn’t have the potential to leak and that you run the risk of having the pump break?

Also, air mattress technology has a problem with mold and fungi growth, especially in humid climates. Another thing to be aware of is Sleep Number’s warranty. It is a 20-year warranty, but only the first two years are fully covered under the warranty. If something goes out in year 3, you will be charged 20% plus 4% of original purchase price from the original purchase date to fix the problem.

Intellibed compared to pillow-top mattresses, like Simmons Beauty Rest

Sealy, Serta, Simmons and many other manufacturers produce pillow-top mattresses. They all have one thing in common. They all rely on foam to cushion your body from the firm innerspring below. We have already learned that foam softens as you sleep on it and the most common foam used in pillow-top mattresses (polyurethane foam) changes up to 49% with use.

As the foam pillow-top degrades and firms, the mattress loses its ability to cushion your body from the firm innerspring below, resulting in a loss of pressure relief (testing shows that pillow-top mattresses firm up as much as 40% with use). Also, body impressions are very common in pillow-top mattresses. The body impression creates a hammock in the top of the mattress and results in gradual loss of support. For this reason, pillow-top mattresses are a poor choice for back pain.

Intellibed compared to standard innerspring mattress, like Serta

All name brand manufacturers also produce non-pillow-top innerspring mattresses. Because there is less foam in these mattresses, they don’t develop as many body impressions, and are very good for back pain. But, as learned, they are firm and uncomfortable to sleep on. It is very common for hip and shoulder pain to develop because most of the support from your body is transferred to the mattress through the hips and shoulders. Your body not only needs good support it also needs maximum pressure relief. For this reason, firm innersprings are not the best option for back pain or sound sleep.

Intellibed is made from superior materials

To put it simply, at Intellibed we use a superior material in the construction of every mattress, Gel Matrix™. Not only do our materials perform better in both comfort and support, they are also more durable. On top of that, we use more natural, hypoallergenic materials in place of the synthetic stuff used in all other mattresses. You don’t have to worry about off-gasses or allergens in an Intellibed.

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