We have pressure-mapping technology.Pressure Mapping


If you go in to any Intellibed store, you will see our computer pressure mapping system. You can lay on any mattress and it will measure the pressure points it places on your body. In this pressure map, you can see the type of pressure put on your body from a regular innerspring mattress, a memory foam mattress, a Sleep Number air mattress and an Intellibed.

The red spots show high pressure. You can see no red spots on the Intellibed. That’s because Gel Matrix™ works like nothing else to relieve pressure on your body and provide you with maximum comfort. All other mattress cushioning systems put pressure on your body at the hips and shoulders. This is what causes tossing and turning at night, preventing you from receiving a good night’s sleep.

The best way to prevent yourself from tossing and turning is to relieve the pressure your mattress is putting on your body. The best material for relieving pressure is Gel Matrix™.

For more information on why pressure relief is so vital for a good night’s sleep, watch the video below.


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