Intellibed Is The Best Mattress For The Money

The best mattress in the world is going to properly support your back, relieve pressure on your body, be made from safe materials and last for years and years. Only one mattress meets those requirements, and that is Intellibed. Check out our video about Why Intellibed builds the best sleep wellness mattresses.

The Intellibed provides the best spinal alignment.

Ever slept on a saggy mattress and woken up with back pain? Ever wonder why waterbeds have lost their popularity? A mattress that can’t prevent the hips from sagging into the mattress almost always causes or aggravates back pain.

The Intellibed is the best mattress for back pain because it uses the finest support coil innerspring available to prevent your midsection from ever sagging into the mattress even after years of use. A firm innerspring is what almost all doctors recommend for those who suffer from back pain for this very reason.

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The Intellibed also provides the best pressure relief.

Ever slept on a firm bed and tossed and turned all night? The second thing your mattress must do is eliminate pressure points on your hips and shoulders. It seems impossible to get both firm support and soft comfort simultaneously, yet that is exactly what the Intellibed can do.

Intellibed uses Gel Matrix™® instead of foam to cushion your hips and shoulders from the firm springs below. Gel Matrix™ reduces pressure points by as much as 80% compared to even expensive memory foam or latex foam. The best support combined with the best pressure relief is a uniqueness you will only find in an Intellibed mattress.

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The Intellibed is made from organic, non-toxic materials.

Most mattresses incorporate synthetic materials, but not an Intellibed. Our mattresses are constructed with more natural, organic, and safe materials than the competition. Gel Matrix™ is non-toxic and has no off-gasses like foam. It is also anti-microbial because it has a natural resistance to bacteria and fungi growth. Our quilt layers are made with natural cotton so that they won’t cause any skin irritation. And if you use our mattress cover you can keep your Intellibed as good as new for the duration of the entire warranty.

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The Intellibed is the best mattress you can buy.

Doctors and sleep researchers all agree on the best characteristics of the ideal mattress. It should support the back properly, relieve pressure on the body, be manufactured with natural, organic materials and maintain its shape and form. Intellibed is a perfect four for four, making it the best mattress for the money.

Intellibed has worked with back pain sufferers for over 10 years and we are so confident the Intellibed is the best back pain mattress, we guarantee it will help you sleep better or your money back! And for serious back problems, be sure to check out our state of the art spinal decompression mattress system!

The Intellibed lasts up to three times longer.

Your mattress will only help your back as long as it cushions and supports you properly. All other mattresses use foam for cushioning. Gel Matrix™ lasts up to ten times longer than foam. The Intellibed mattress will last up to three times longer than memory foam, latex, gelled memory foam and pillow-top mattresses.

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