As you clean your house, you probably don’t think about mattress toxicity and how it can hurt you. We always focus on using anti-bacterial cleaners in the bathrooms, kitchen and even on laminate, wood or tile flooring because getting the home not only clean but free of disease-causing germs, is important. Unfortunately, when focusing on cleanliness and home safety, you might be oblivious to something that can cause respiratory problems, skin reactions, and even cancer. This silent home invader is a toxic mattress.


Mattress toxicity happens when mattresses “off-gas”, meaning the chemicals used to create the mattress give off a toxic gas. The length of time that mattress “off-gas” is not known, but it does diminish as the mattress ages. The most common toxic materials used in making a mattress include petrochemicals, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, formaldehyde, phthalates and boric acid. These harmful chemicals are used for the foam fillers, material adhesives and for water-resistance. Most of the chemicals are used to make the mattress flame retardant, per federal law, causing mattress toxicity to increase.


All these chemicals give off their own noxious fumes. Some may report smelling the fumes when the mattress is first purchased and then it ceases. However, the toxins are continuously being released and inhaled. In addition, when you sleep on the mattress, the toxin can seep into your body. This is supported by scientific research that has shown related chemicals to be found even in a woman’s breast milk, which presents a serious danger to her nursing infant.

Children are more likely to suffer from mattress toxicity, not only because they spend more time sleeping, but because their mattresses are made with more chemicals to prevent wetness and flames. This means children are more exposed to respiratory problems, such as asthma, learning disabilities like ADHD and lower IQ levels. The chemical, PVC, is often used with phthalates to create a softer mattress. Phthalates are known to cause breathing disorders and even cancer. Research has also proven that PVC may be responsible for infant crib deaths, but this is not recognized by the government.


At intelliBED, we’ve developed non-toxic mattresses so that people of all ages can sleep safely. All of our mattresses are non-off-gassing, so you can rest assured that you and your family will not absorb any toxic chemicals. We sell non-toxic baby crib mattresses that are foam-free and made with hospital-tested Gel Matrix™. This is a safe, ideal material that replaces foams and the other potentially toxic cushioning materials used in retail mattresses. Our mattresses for adults are also made with Gel Matrix™, so if you’re a nursing mother or a parent whose little one likes to sleep on their mattress, you’re safe from any toxins. Choose a nontoxic, non-off-gassing mattress from Intellibed today and sleep soundly.