Why keep going to sleep on a mattress that leaves you in pain and more tired than you were when you went to bed? There’s a better option. Intellibed has luxury mattresses for available and can ship them to your location. Every Intellibed mattress offers sleepers a combination of comfort and support that other mattress companies can’t match. Intellibed mattresses come with a 20-year warranty and are crafted from high quality, patented material that no other mattress has. To learn more about our luxury mattresses, keep reading.

What is Gel Matrix™?

Our patented Gel Matrix™ is at the core of every Intellibed mattress and topper that we carry. The medical grade gel relieves pressure and cushions more effectively than any other mattress that’s currently on the market, and our mattresses are endorsed by hundreds of chiropractors. Originally created for use in hospitals, Gel Matrix™ Technology provided help for those patients who could benefit from restorative, deep sleep. It made sense to bring this healing power into our luxury mattresses. You can sleep comfortably all night on an Intellibed because it holds your spine naturally and doesn’t compress it. Your chiropractor’s recommendation on good spinal alignment for overall health is easy to accomplish with an Intellibed mattress. In addition to that spinal alignment, a luxury mattress from Intellibed gives you incredible comfort.

Benefits of a Therapeutic Mattress

A therapeutic mattress can offer benefits to everyone, but especially people who need a little more care and healing than others do. Therapeutic mattresses can provide relief for bed sores, pressure points and can regulate temperature better than a traditional mattress can. Conventional mattresses don’t offer support where your body is heaviest, which creates uncomfortable pressure points. Tossing and turning is often a result of these pressure points; people toss and turn an average of 40 times a night when they’re uncomfortable on a traditional mattress. A restful night’s sleep comes easy with the comfort, support and alignment that a luxury mattress from Intellibed provides.

Buy an Intellibed Mattress Today

Our website showcases our entire inventory of accessories, bases, toppers and mattresses for sale. Take a look at the different mattress options we offer to determine which one best meets your needs. All our mattresses are made in the US, right in our Salt Lake City headquarters. Since 2000, Intellibed has helped people find better sleep. We work with the best healthcare specialists to create the perfect sleep products. All our products are created with health and quality sleep in mind, so you can rest easy. To find the best in luxury mattresses for sale, browse our selection today.