See what a leading sleep doctor
has to say about the modern
mattress and chronic pain…


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Retail mattresses-even Tempurpedic, Sleep Number and Latex-can’t provide the level of
support that PAIN SUFFERERS need.If you suffer from chronic pain your body needs deep, healing sleep – which can be very difficult
to achieve with the wrong mattress.Click below to see the FIRST MEDICAL-GRADE
mattress designed specifically to REDUCE PAIN and help your body HEAL while you sleep!

Get rid of chronic pain.

“As the first surgeon board-certified in sleep medicine in
the United States, and having trained at Stanford’s Sleep
Research Clinic – the first of it’s kind in the world – I will
only use the best options for the patient. The technology
involved in Intellibed is superior to any other form of
treatment for sleep.”
Dr. Troell is a certified sleep expert.
“I’ve suffered for years with lower back pain, and have seen chiropractors, an acupuncturist, and a medical doctor – but the one thing that actually made the biggest difference was getting rid of my old mattress and sleeping on Gel Matrix™ bed. Instead of constantly having to adjust my sleeping position, or placing pillows up against my back, I now sleep soundly and deeply, and wake up without pain. Intellibed has truly changed my life!”Tom Stevens, Texas

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