You may think that running out and buying a mattress is as simple as jumping in the car and driving down to your local mattress retailer, lying down on a few mattresses, speaking with the salesperson, and choosing one that falls within your budget. This is actually the case for many people. It’s a question of firm or soft for most people, yet there is so much more to buying a mattress than one might think that it is important to get all the information you can about buying a bed before you actually buy one.

Many people may worry about bed bugs, but they don’t realize they are lying on something far more dangerous to their health. Mattress toxicity is a very real thing, and it is something many people don’t think about before buying a mattress. Traditional mattresses can leach the chemicals from which they are made and it can create a toxic gas on which you are lying down on for 8 hours a night, night after night.


The most commonly used toxic materials used in the making of mattresses are petrochemicals, polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), formaldehyde, phthalates, and boric acid. These chemicals are used for a variety of reasons, including use in foam fillings, material adhesives, and for waterproofing. According to Federal law, many of these chemicals are used to make mattresses flame retardant, and in order to accomplish this increased flame resistance, mattress making corporations were forced to add more toxic chemicals to mattresses. The length of time these chemicals give off toxic gas is currently no known, but it is believed that they diminish over time.


As these toxic gaseous fumes seep in to our own bodies, any number of medical consequences may develop. Scientific research supports that these chemicals may be found in a mother’s breast milk. They are also linked through science to a plethora of other health issues, including Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder (ADHD), respiratory problems such as asthma, learning disabilities, and even lower IQ levels in children. PVC, a commonly used chemical in mattresses, has even been linked to infant crib deaths. These are all very real concerns that are what you need to know before buying a mattress.

Luckily, Intellibed has developed a healthy solution for you and your family that not only provides superior support, comfort, and value, but also keeps you and your loved ones away from any number of toxic chemicals that can harm people. Make sure you get the information you need to know before buying a bed. Contact us today to stop tossing and turning all night and finally get the rest you and your body so desperately needs!