At the end of the day, nothing is more important than giving your guests a good night’s rest. Offering the luxury of a premium sleep experience keeps guests coming back for more — and likely spreading the word to family, friends, and coworkers. Quite simply, better sleep translates to greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. And that’s good for business.

Intellibed® mattresses represent the next generation in sleep wellness technology. Our patented Gel Matrix™ is the most advanced cushioning material ever created for optimally supporting the human body. It replaces the archaic foam layer (developed in the 1960s) that’s still used in virtually all other beds today, including the most expensive big brands.

Now widely available for the first time to the hospitality industry, therapeutic Intellibed mattresses produce a deep, healing sleep like no other bed can. It’s a higher standard in sleep.


Intellibed mattresses are remarkably comfortable. Remarkably Comfortable

When it comes to beds, comfort has everything to do with pressure relief. Gently-supportive Intellibed mattresses relieve pressure up to 80% better than any other mattress… at any price. The Gel Matrix™ cushioning layer inside our beds supports the unique contours of every body — reducing painful pressure points head-to-toe. This minimizes tossing and turning which results in deeper and more restorative sleep.

Our beds are naturally clean and safe.Naturally Clean and Safe

Hypoallergenic Gel Matrix™ is 100% free of toxins that are found in nearly all other mattresses. It’s made of pure, food-grade mineral oil that won’t harbor dust mites or bed bugs. Combined with organic cotton covers and natural silica fire retardants, Intellibed mattresses exceed industry standards for uncompromising safety and the healthiest night’s sleep possible, even for those with sensitivities.

Intellibed mattresses are easy to maintain.Easy To Maintain

Intellibed mattresses are low maintenance. Unlike traditional foam mattresses that require flipping to prevent body impressions (and the dreaded hammock effect), Intellibed mattresses need only to be rotated 180 degrees every six months. Plus, smart zipper tops enable housekeeping staff to quickly remove mattress covers for hassle-free laundering.

Intellibed mattresses are very durable. Extremely Durable

Traditional foam-filled mattresses lose up to 40% of their resiliency (causing them to sag) within the first three years of use. Gel Matrix™, on the other hand, is nearly indestructible, losing just 5% of its resiliency throughout its unprecedented fifteen-year warranty period. The exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Intellibed mattresses provide lasting comfort and lower cost of ownership due to less frequent replacement.

It’s not just a better bed,
it’s a competitive advantage.

When you become an Intellibed Hospitality Partner, your guests receive a special discount on mattress purchases and you get commissions on every Intellibed mattress sold. And that’s even better for your business.