We’re changing the way America sleeps!


Medical Grade Intellibed Mattresses offer better sleep, last longer, and are safer (zero toxic off-gassing)

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  1. We don’t give you 6 minutes to “test” it out on a showroom floor – we give you SIXTY DAYS – GUARANTEED. If you find you’d like to return it – we’ll take it back and even pay for shipping!
  2. Intellibeds ship with the longest, best warranty in the industry. No one even comes close.
  3. No other mattress company has the rights to Gel Matrix™ – the same non-toxic sleep surface used in high-end hospital beds where getting a deep, healing sleep is critical to health! click to see why
  4. Gel Matrix™ technology can help the millions of Americans that suffer from lack of sleep due to restless tossing and turning, back pain, and lack of proper support.

Thousands across America have discovered Intellibed and now have the rest of their lives. Isn’t it time you got yours?

“As the first surgeon board-certified in sleep medicine in the United States, and having trained at Stanford’s Sleep
Research Clinic – the first of it’s kind in the world – I will only use the best options for the patient. The technology involved in Intellibed is superior to any other form of treatment for sleep.”



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