What are you doing to help your patients achieve deep, healing sleep?

Health Care professionals across the country have integrated sleep wellness into their practices, improving patient care, increasing referrals and practice revenues, and expanding their reach into their communities.

Intellibed has developed a support system to help you bring deep healing sleep to your patients while branding yourself as a Sleep Wellness Professional.




We have developed the first wellness-grade line of sleep products along with a support system to help bring sleep wellness to your patients.



It is the one thing every patient has in common and the sleep surface they choose is critical to their outcome with your care. Think about it – how much sense does it make to work hard to adjust a patient only to have them go home and sleep on a mattress that undermines your efforts and their health?


  1. Intellibed will provide you with the support materials to share with your patients regarding sleep wellness and the critical role a mattress plays in their health.
  2. When your patient orders their mattress using your personal referral code, they will receive a special offer with their mattress purchase.
  3. Intellibed will let you know when an order has been placed using your personal referral code.
  4. All beds sold using your unique code will receive a 10% referral bonus.


Questions? Call us at 801.716.2902  or email us at healthcare@Intellibed.com   Health Care Enroll NOwENROLL NOW!


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