Get Your Healthiest Sleep Ever!

Scientifically proven. Exclusively available. Surprisingly affordable. Clearly superior.

Get more deep, healing sleep on Intellibed with Gel Matrix™. Here’s why:


Here at Intellibed, we are interested in helping you with your personal sleep health. What’s keeping you up at night? Please share any thoughts you may have about sleep and we’ll pass them along to our sleep experts. If your issues appear to be related to sleep surface problems keep an eye out for an email or call from us.

How does Intellibed Provide Healthy Sleep?

Simply put, Intellibed provides great sleep posture, better sleep circulation and bloodflow, and healthy materials to help you breathe easy. We’ve analyzed years of the foremost sleep research available to bring you the best mattress that has ever been created – all based on our exclusive rights to the Gel Matrix™ patent. We have utilized our proprietary intelliGEL in a way that provides you perfect sleep posture, decreased pressure points and healthy non-toxic materials. You’ll sleep better without back pain, no tossing and turning and you’ll breathe easy while doing it. You are in contact with your mattress for nearly 1/3 of your life, so it should contribute to your well being. The odds are you’re sleeping on a mattress that is emitting carcinogens and toxins, has worn way passed its warranty (giving you poor sleep posture), and doesn’t relieve pressure points, leading to discomfort and tossing and turning. Get out of that unhealthy situation by using a mattress that contributes to your health, and doesn’t detract from it. Here are some examples of how Intellibed is far better for your health than other mattresses available today.


Maintain better health through deeper sleep with Intellibed. You’ll feel better because your back and neck will be in alignment all night long, you’ll wake up refreshed because tossing and turning will nearly have been eliminated, and you’ll eliminate harmful chemicals from your environment by sleeping on a mattress made out of premium quality materials. Now all you need to do is call.

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