1. How long do I have to keep the bed before I exchange or return?

    • We ask that customers try the bed for a minimum of 30 days before considering a return.  This is important to allow sufficient time for your body to adjust to the new sleep surface. Please see our exchange and return policy.
  2. Why is my refund not the full amount if the website has a 100% refund?

    • By industry standard, there are items that are not authorized to return (i.e.: pillows, frames, adjustable bases, mattress protectors, etc…)
  3. Why doesn’t the warranty information come with the delivery agents when they deliver my bed?

    • Our warranty applies to every customer and can be found online. We can send you a copy if you call and request one.
  4. How should I wash the mattress protector and sheets?

    • Most of our sheets and protectors are made by Malouf. Their phone number is  800-517-7179 or you can visit their website to find care instructions if none are found on the product’s tag.
  5. How do I clean my Intellibed if something happens if the protector has been removed?

    • Steam cleaning is preferred.  A hand-held clothes steamer or a cleaning company like Stanley Steamer are both a great way to clean the mattress. You do not want to soak the mattress with water or cleaner. Some have found that any cleaner with “Oxy” in the title works. Again, if you spray or scrub the mattress be careful to not soak it.
  6. Who ships your product?

    • The accessories, protectors, pillows, and toppers are shipped via UPS. The customer will receive an email from UPS when the product has been shipped, and they will be able to track the package so they know which day it will be arriving. We contract the shipment of the beds and adjustable bases through Manna. Our warehouse will send the customer an email the morning the bed is set to ship. Within 1-5 business days the customer will receive an email from the delivery agency with contact information and their tracking number. The delivery agency will call to schedule the time and date of the delivery with the customer once the product has been received in their area. Manna may be contacted at 877-626-6249.
  7. Who do I contact if there is a problem with my delivery?

    • Our Customer Service Center is open to assist you Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM MST. Please call us at 801-716-2888 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.
  8. Does Intellibed have the warranty on my adjustable base?

    • No. The current manufacturer of the adjustable bases is Malouf. Their phone number is (800) 517-7179. They are a Utah based company so they are on Mountain Standard Time. The customer will need to have the serial number that can be found on the remote or the owner’s manual when they call to get help.
  9. How does the warranty on the mattress protector work?

    • The mattress protector warranty is through Malouf, please contact them for any inquiries regarding the mattress protector’s warranty. Their phone number is (800)517-7179. We have negotiated a warranty through Malouf that if anything happens to the mattress that the protector should have prevented (while the protector is on the bed) Malouf will cover the cost to clean or replace the product. The customer will need their sales receipt as proof they purchased the protector the same time they purchased the bed.
  10. How often should I rotate my bed?

    • We suggest rotating the bed 180 degrees every month for the first 6 months and then once every 6 months thereafter.
  11. Do you ship Intellibeds anywhere in North America?

    • We ship Intellibed toppers, adjustable beds, and full mattress sets anywhere in the U.S. Shipping charges may vary depending on state or location. Please refer to our shipping page for more information.
  12.  Is the gel liquid? Will it leak?

    • No. Gel Matrix™ is a non-toxic, adaptive material that is not liquid and will never leak.
  13. How long will the Intellibed last?

    • Gel Matrix™ is very durable. It won’t melt or crumble.  All Intellibed mattresses without adjustable bases are warranted to last up to 20 years. Azure, Sapphire Intellibed mattresses on an adjustable base are warranted to last up to 20 years. Intellibed Mattress Toppers, Kid’s Mattresses, and Gellibaby Mattresses are also warranted to last up to 10 years. The gel and other materials are of the very finest quality equaling or surpassing those used in any other mattress product so you can be sure the Intellibed will outlast even the most expensive home mattresses.
  14. What does Intellibed use as a fire blocker to meet Federal Regulations?

    • A silica based fire blocker with a modacrylic fiber and no bio available chemicals. It basically goes on the bed like a sock.