Babies sleep well on our mattresses.“My baby slept two hours a night – at most. I would drag through the day and would find myself napping while I was breastfeeding her. The first night on an Intellibedmini, she slept six hours!”
Melissa, Dallas, TX

Non-toxic, hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, the intellIBEDmini, made with our exclusive Gel Matrix™ – the same gel used in the productions of bottle nipples and pacifiers – is not only the safest baby mattress on the market today, it’s also helping babies and moms get more sleep! While every baby is unique, we’re getting feedback from moms across America that their babies are sleeping longer on their new Intellibedmini crib mattress!Even babies like Intellibed!

Gel Matrix™’s excellent pressure relief makes it a great choice to fight cradle cap and plagiocephaly (the flat head condition caused by tossing and turning on a firm mattress). This also means less tossing and turning so that your baby sleeps soundly and comfortably through the night. And when your baby sleeps through the night, you know what that means!


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