Intellibed Email Set-up Instructions

There are a few steps to take in order to get your email back online. The first step is to login to webmail and change your password from the generic one assigned to you. This has to be done first so when you go to Outlook (or whatever email program you are using) you will already be set up with your new password.

To change your password:

1. Visit (do not use “www”)

2. Enter your Email Address and the Password: Intellibed2013

3. On the bottom left you will see “Change Password
Here are our email setup instructions.

4. Enter your new password and then select “Change Password”

5. Log out.


NOTE: If you are unable to configure your email as shown below – you can always access it at and choose one of the three as show in the screenshot above until we can resolve whatever issue you might have.

Regardless of your email program, Outlook, Mac Mail, etc, they all need the same information:

1. The user name on the email account.

2. Which incomming server will be used to get mail.

3. Which outgoing server will be used to send mail.

4. What type of encryption will be used.


USER NAME: (NOTE: Do NOT use the “@” symbol for this – only the “+” symbol as I have it in the example. So my email address would be entered as “”



ENCRYPTION: SSL (Server Requires Authentication)

(For you more advanced users, the Outgoing Mail port is 465).


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