Why Sleep Posture is Important

We grew up being told to stand up and sit up straight because it ensures that your hips are centered beneath your shoulders and that your spine is properly aligned between the two. This reduces stress and strain on your skeletal structure and minimizes pain in the lower back.

Our sleep posture is just as important. Considering that we spend one-third of our lives in bed, it’s vital that we properly support our backs both day and night. If you don’t properly support your back while you sleep, you’ll likely wake with aches, pains, and stiffness. You may even develop long-term issues, which can trigger a cascade of other problems. The health of your back is just too important to risk.

Firm Support Creates Relief

The single most important function of any mattress is to support your back by preventing the heaviest part of your body (your lower torso) from sinking too deeply into the bed. That sinking results in the misalignment of your spine, a leading cause of lower back pain. A firm mattress holds you in the proper sleep posture and is best for painless sleep.

Unfortunately, most mattresses sold today fail to provide adequate support. This is due to the type of inner core (the part of the mattress that actually provides the support) that they use. Mattress manufacturers have experimented with a variety of core systems and materials to create support, all with varying degrees of success.

A mattress with a firm core keeps your spinal column aligned by pushing against your hips, which is successful in orthopedic terms, but not very comfortable. The added support creates pressure points around your body, particularly in the lower back. More support equals greater pressure, which our bodies interpret as pain and discomfort. Mattress makers face the contradictory challenge of providing firmness for proper back support, but also softness for pressure relief and comfort. Achieving both isn’t easy.

Intellibed Mattresses with Gel Matrix™ are Both Supportive and Comfortable

Intellibed is the best mattress for back pain. Intellibed proves that support and comfort can happily coexist in one mattress. Intellibed’s top quality innerspring has interlaced support coils that work in unison to correctly align the musculoskeletal system and provide better support than any other mattress brand. Softening all that support is the patented Gel Matrix™ cushioning layer. Originally made for critical-care hospital use, Gel Matrix™ is the ultimate material for gently comforting the human body. Together these two best-of-class sleep technologies provide the firm support that doctors recommend for a healthy spine along with comfortable pressure relief to ensure the best night’s sleep possible.

All three Intellibed mattress styles, as well as the mattress topper, contain the Gel Matrix™. These are the best mattresses for back pain and create the best, most comfortable sleep. Our Perfect Posture mattress is the ideal choice for aggressive alignment support. High-density Certi-Pur foam combines with Gel Matrix™ to create comfortable pressure relief, and it performs 80% better than other mattresses on the market. Browse our mattress styles to find your perfect mattress for back pain relief.